LLLFF Virtual 5k

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On the one year anniversary of Laura McGinnis’ passing, the Live Like Laura Fun Fund (LLLFF) was launched. We’d like to fulfill as many “fun” requests as possible. To do so, we need your help! Join us for a virtual 5k on November 1, 2020

We invite friends, family, anyone who has been touched by Laura, her story, and/or cystinosis to take part. It doesn’t matter if you walk, jog, stroll, bike, or scooter, let’s take this time to move our bodies and reflect.   

Hosting a virtual 5k means you can participate from anywhere in the world! To date, we have in-person teams from:  

  • Maryville, Tennessee 
  • Greenville, South Carolina  
  • Kauai and
  • Gettysburg, Pennsylvania  

You can start your own team or complete the 5k solo – it is up to you. Online registration is $25 per person. As a small token of gratitude, you’ll receive a commemorative “Live Like Laura” orna-ment.  

For any questions, contact to Frankie McGinnis at frankiemcginnis@gmail.com.

Note: If you are registering multiple people but need the ornaments sent to different addresses, please fill out separate forms for each address.