2017 Seedcorn Funding Program

The Cystinosis Research Network has collaborated with Cystinosis Ireland and Cystinosis Foundation UK to provide funding for Principle Investigators around the world interested in studying Cystinosis.

All areas of Cystinosis research are available, however, the following topics are of particular importance to our community:

  • Orthopaedic problems and muscle wasting in Cystinosis
  • Ocular issues in Cystinosis and its treatment
  • Effects of Cystinosis medications and treatments on patients
  • Effects and safety of pregnancy in Cystinosis patients
  • Fertility issues in Cystinosis patients - male and female
  • Quality of Life issues including education, well-being, employment, transition to adult care for children, effects of living with someone with Cystinosis in the family
  • Adults with Cystinosis
  • Stem cell research/Gene Therapy in Cystinosis
  • Issues related to renal transplant for Cystinosis patients
  • Finding better treatments for Cystinosis
  • Finding a cure for Cystinosis

Applications will be accepted until March 2nd, 2017. To learn more and apply visit: http://cystinosis.ie/research.aspx


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