Dad-to-Dad. A Father’s Day Message

From Clinton Moore

Often, fathers are not the main caregiver in the family. The fathers head off to work every day leaving mom to care for their child. This isn’t always the case, but often is. Some may think that while the fathers are away, it gives them a break from the constant care that cystinosis requires. That is far from true. Yes, fathers get a break from the hands on care but the wonder and worry never ceases. Fathers often are working while patiently waiting for a phone call from home to let them know how an appointment went, test results, what the next plan of action is, or maybe just how their child is feeling that day.

Dad2Dad Image

Fathers may also hide their feelings and emotions from the rest of the family. Fathers are looked at as the "strong" one in the family and when he shows fear or worry then everyone is scared and worried. Please know, although they may not show it, fathers are worried, concerned and scared just like everyone else. Fathers often wait until they are alone to let their emotions out. This may be in the form of tears, just sitting and thinking, or maybe punching a wall. Regardless, it will come out.

The Cystinosis Research Network would like to wish all the fathers a very special Happy Father’s Day. We appreciate all that you do for your family and recognize all the sacrifices you have made. We understand and know first-hand that you secretly hurt, and worry and we want you to know that, although silent, we hear your screams. We want you to know that we are here for you in whatever capacity is needed. We’ve got you.

May your day be worry free. Happy Father’s Day!


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