Kidney Camp helps twins focus on what they can do

For one week each summer, Anjanelly and Jianelly Polanco don’t feel like kids with cystinosis. They just feel like normal kids.

The girls, who will be freshmen at Hinsdale South High School this year, visited Kidney Camp for the fourth time this month. A function of the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois, the camp is offered free each summer to children ages 7-15 with chronic kidney disease, on dialysis or living with a kidney transplant.

For the 14-year-old Polanco twins, medications are an important part of everyday life. They keep their transplanted kidneys functioning correctly and help to keep the symptoms of the disease they share, cystinosis, at bay. Keeping up with their regimens would be nearly impossible at a regular sleep-over camp. But at Kidney Camp, medications are a part of everyone’s routine.

Kidney Camp, held in Ingleside, is staffed with medical professionals who know the special needs and challenges of kids with kidney disease.

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