Sunderland University team wins disease study funding

Scientists in Sunderland have been awarded funding for research to help tackle a rare genetic disease. The team of Sunderland University pharmaceutical scientists has received £80,000 from US charity Cystinosis Research Network.

It is for a three-year study into cystinosis, when the body's process for removing the amino acid cystine fails, affecting the kidneys initially.

Among the team's aims are improving detection and early diagnosis.

The researchers will be based in the university's £7.5m science complex, which opened in February.

The team will be led by Prof Roz Anderson, who said it was an exciting project to be involved with.

She said: "Although there has been some very good research carried out on this disease in the past, there's not been a systematic study until now and we are at an advantage of using the latest techniques, so we're hopeful of discovering new pathways to intervention."

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