Pharmacy students help boost research to ease eye problems associated with cystinosis

Three final-year pharmacy students from the University of Sunderland who helped test a range of drugs to treat eye problems in patients suffering from a rare genetic disease have showcased their results at an international conference.

Family deals with Cystinosis diagnosis

When Brett and Brittney LeBeau got married in 1997, they had no idea they both carried the gene for Cystinosis, a rare disease that primarily affects children. When their daughter, Alexis, was born in 2001 and was constantly vomiting and would not eat, they had no idea what was wrong.

Sunderland University team wins disease study funding

Scientists in Sunderland have been awarded funding for research to help tackle a rare genetic disease. The team of Sunderland University pharmaceutical scientists has received £80,000 from US charity Cystinosis Research Network.

U.S. funding boost for research team

SCIENTISTS on Wearside have won backing from America for their work to combat a rare genetic condition. Pharmaceutical research being carried out at Sunderland University’s new multi-million pound science complex could hold the key to curing cystinosis.

Jessica Jondle's Book: Roller Skating with Rickets

We’ve been going through some adoption-related heartbreak recently due to misinformation – particularly misinformation related to the fact that I either shouldn’t be alive or that my death is imminent because I’m in my early 30s, which is when I’m likely to die according to some of the rhetoric.

From Bench to Playground: New Research Centers Get Kids Back to Being Kids

At only 7 years old, Mitchell Smith doesn't understand his vital role in fulfilling the Children's Vision for Research, but he definitely appreciates the entertainment value.


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