Cysteamine Treatment

Switching from immediate- to extended-release cysteamine in nephropathic cystinosis patients

Thurid Ahlenstiel-Grunow, Nele K. Kanzelmeyer, Kerstin Froede, Martin Kreuzer, Jens Drube1, Christian Lerch, Lars Pape

Cysteamine (Cystagon®) adherence in patients with cystinosis in Spain

Gema Ariceta, Enrique Lara1, Juan A. Camacho, Federico Oppenheimer, Julia Vara, Fernando Santos, Miguel Angel Muñoz, Carmen Cantarell, Marta Gil Calvo, Rafael Romero, Blanca Valenciano, Víctor García-Nieto, Maria José Sanahuja, José Crespo, Maria Luisa Justa, Adela Urisarri, Rafael Bedoya, Alberto Bueno, Antonio Daza, Juan Bravo, Francisco Llamas19 and Luis Antonio Jiménez del Cerro

A Phase 1 Pharmacokinetic Study of Cysteamine Bitartrate Delayed-Release Capsules Following Oral Administration with Orange Juice, Water, or Omeprazole in Cystinosis

Danielle Armas, Robert J. Holt, Nils F. Confer, Gregg C. Checani, Mohammad Obaidi, Yuli Xie, Meg Brannagan

Cysteamine: an old drug with new potential

Martine Besouw; Rosalinde Masereeuw; Lambert van den Heuvel; Elena Levtchenko

Halitosis in cystinosis patients after administration of immediate-release cysteamine bitartrate compared to delayed-release cysteamine bitartrate

Martine Besouw, Albert Tangerman, Elisabeth Cornelissen, Patrice Rioux, Elena Levtchenko

Cysteamine therapy delays the progression of nephropathic cystinosis in late adolescents and adults

Albane Brodin-Sartorius; Marie-Josèphe Tête; Patrick Niaudet; Corinne Antignac; Geneviève Guest; Chris Ottolenghi; Marina Charbit; Dominique Moyse; Christophe Legendre; Philippe Lesavre; Pierre Cochat; Aude Servais

Pharmacokinetic Studies of Cysteamine Bitartrate

Ranjan Dohil and Patrice Rioux

Twice-Daily Cysteamine Bitartrate Therapy for Children with Cystinosis

Ranjan Dohil, MD, Meredith Fidler, PhD, Jon A. Gangoiti, MS, Frederick Kaskel, MD, PhD, Jerry A. Schneider, MD, and Bruce A. Barshop, MD, PhD

Long-Term Treatment of Cystinosis in Children with Twice-Daily Cysteamine

Ranjan Dohil, MD, Jon A. Gangoiti, MS, Betty L. Cabrera, MS, Meredith Fidler, PhD, Jerry A. Schneider, MD, and Bruce A. Barshop, MD, PhD

Treatment of cystinosis with delayed-release cysteamine: 6-year follow-up

Ranjan Dohil and Betty L. Cabrera

Pharmacokinetics of entericcoated cysteamine bitartrate in healthy adults: a pilot study

Jon A. Gangoiti, Meredith Fidler, Betty L. Cabrera, Jerry A. Schneider, Bruce A. Barshop & Ranjan Dohil

Quality of Life is Improved and Kidney Function Preserved in Patients with Nephropathic Cystinosis Treated for 2 Years with Delayed-Release Cysteamine Bitartrate

Craig B. Langman, MD, Larry A. Greenbaum, MD, PhD, Paul Grimm, MD, PhD, Minnie Sarwal, MD, PhD, Patrick Niaudet, MD, Georges Deschenes, MD, PhD, Elisabeth A. M. Cornelissen, MD, Denis Morin, MD, Pierre Cochat, MD, Ewa Elenberg, MD, MS, Christian Hanna, MD, MS, Segolene Gaillard, MD, Mary Jo Bagger, MS, and Patrice Rioux, MD, PhD

Cystinosis: renal glomerular and renal tubular function in relation to compliance with cystine-depleting therapy

Galina Nesterova, Caitlyn Williams, Isa Bernardini, William A. Gahl

Pharmacokinetics of cysteamine bitartrate following gastrointestinal infusion

British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (2006); Fidler, Barshop, Gangoiti, Deutsch, Martin, Schneider, Dohil

Evaluation of Novel Prodrugs for the Treatment of Nephropathic Cystinosis

(Feb 2009); Dr. Rachel Knott, Dr. Graeme Kay, and Professor Donald Cairns

A Deeper Look Into Cysteamine Absorption For The Treatement Of Cystinosis

Journal of Pediatrics (June 2006); Robert Kleta, MD, PhD

Understanding Intestinal Cysteamine Bitartrate Absorption

Journal of Pediatrics (June 2006); Dohil, Fidler, Barshop, Gangoiti, Deutsch, Martin, Schneider

Nephropathic Cystinosis in Adults: Natural History and Effects of Oral Cysteamine Therapy

Annals of Internal Medicine (2007); Gahl, Balog, Kleta

Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. Announces Publication of Results from Phase 2a Trial of DR Cysteamine for Treatment of Cystinosis

Raptor Pharmaceutical Corp. (Jan 2010)

Treatment of YAC128 mice and their wild-type littermates with cystamine does not lead to its accumulation in plasma or brain: implications for the treatment of Huntington disease

Journal of Neurochemistry (2005); Pinter, Van Raamsdonk, Leavitt, Hayden, Jeitner, Thaler, Krasnikov, Cooper

Cysteamine Toxicity in Patients with Cystinosis

The Journal of Pediatrics (2011); Besouw, Bowker, Dutertre, Emma, Gahl, Greco, Lilien, McKiernan, Nobili, Schneider, Skovby, van den Heuvel, Van't Hoff, Levtchenk

The Importance of Accurate Cystine Level Testing

The Evilina Childrens Hospital, London (Jan 2009); Dalton

Cysteamine therapy: a treatment for cystinosis, not a cure

Kidney International (Jan 2012); Cherqui

Cysteamine restores glutathione redox status in cultured cystinotic proximal tubular epithelial cells

Molecular Basiss of Disease (Apr 2012); Wilmer, Kluijtmans, vn der Velden, Willems, Scheffer, Masereeuw, Monnens, van den Heuvel, Levtchenko

A Randomized Controlled Crossover Trial with Delayed-Released Cysteamine Bitartrate in Nephropathic Cystinosis: Effectiveness on White Blood Cell Cystine Levels and Comparison of Safety

Clinical Journal of the American Society of Nephrology (2012); Langman, Greenbaum, Sarwal, Grimm, Niaudet, Deschenes, Cornelissen, Morin, Cochat, Matossian, Gaillard, Bagger


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