September 2017 Grant Awarded

Study of Neuronal Structure and Function Changes in Cystinosis, John Foxe, PhD and Krishnan Padmanabhan, PhD


Investigators at the Department of Neuroscience Ernst J. Del Monte Institute for Neuromedicine University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry Rochester, NY have outlined a research proposal taking a novel systems neuroscience strategy to address the link between molecular/cellular pathology of the lysosomal system in neurons and the resultant changes in the structure and function of neuronal circuits using new electrophysiology, imaging and computational methods to understand the effect of Cystinosis is on neural circuits. By identifying the mechanisms underlying the neuropathology of the disease at the basic science level, this research program will provide important biomarkers for tracking disease progression, could identify new sites/targets for intervention and guide in the development of strategies for treatment.


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