CRN Grants $250,000 In New Research Funding

The Cystinosis Research Network’s vision is the discovery of improved treatments and ultimately a cure for cystinosis. With that thought in mind, CRN issued our annual Call for Research Proposals in the Spring of 2008; and, it is with great pleasure that we can now present to you the latest additions to CRN’s research team, totaling nearly $250,000 in new research funding! CRN and the cystinosis community are so very fortunate to have the experience and expertise of these dedicated researchers included in our pursuit of a better life for the cystinosis patient.

Leticia Belmont Martinez, M.D., Unidad de Genetica de la Nutricion, Instituto Nacional de Pediatria, Mexico. “Determination of Intraleucocitary Cystine by High Performance Liquid Cromatography (HPLC) in Patients with Cystinosis”; one year study; total grant: $31,972.00.

Henk J. Blom, M.D. et al, VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. “Newborn Screening of Cystinosis”; 18 month study; total grant: 45,000 euros, approximately $67,500.00

Francisco Emma, M.D. and Anna Taranta, Ph.D., Bambino Gesu Children’s Hospital and Research Institute, Rome, Italy. “Functional Characterization of Cystinosin-LKG”; 2 year study; total grant: $114,480.00.

CRN is very proud to welcome these new researchers! They join that unique group of professionals who have been involved in past and on-going research studies funded by CRN. It is because of the dedication and perseverance of all these researchers that so much progress has been made in the treatment and improved outlook for our cystinosis patients

The addition of these research grants brings CRN’s current research commitment to a total of nearly $1,000,000! It because of your continued support, and that of the cystinosis community through contributions and fundraisers, that CRN can make this research possible.


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