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Joint Research Funding into the Molecular Causes of Infertility in Male Cystinosis Patients

Cystinosis Ireland and the CRN are delighted to announce  they will jointly fund research project entitled “Perturbations in the...

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Research Results: Community-led Grip Strength Study

Thanks in part to volunteers at both the 2017 and 2019 CRN Family Conferences, this study was able to...

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CRN & Cystinosis Ireland Co-Fund Male Infertility Study

We are pleased to announce a collaboration between the Cystinosis Research Network (CRN) and Cystinosis Ireland to fund a...

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Summary Findings: Cognitive Function in Cystinosis

With critical support from CRN, Drs. Foxe, Molholm, and Francisco from the Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory (CNL) in New York...

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Invitation: Clinical Trial for Cystinosis Nonsense Mutation

NoMuRiC (Nonsense Mutation Readthrough in Cystinosis) A Phase II Clinical Trial of ELX-02 for Treatment of Cystinosis (McGill University...

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