New Cystinosis Comic

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The series is a one-of-a-kind resource for children AND adults curious about cystinosis. Each installment was carefully written and illustrated by an adult living with cystinosis.

The third and final installment, “Facing A Bright Future”, debuted at the 2019 CRN Family Conference.  International shipping is available or download the comics using the links below. Request comic book copies by emailing with your name and physical address. All books are printed in English.

About the Artist

Kevin McCalla became passionate about storytelling, specifically comic books, at a young age. Diagnosed with cystinosis at 13 months, Kevin has translated his experience living with cystinosis into a relatable, enjoyable, and educational resource. “With these short comics I hope to utilize the unique strengths of comics to engage the cystinosis community – patients of all ages, doctors, caregivers, social workers, and anyone who is interested.” – Kevin McCalla