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Each year the CRN provides scholarship opportunities for students currently enrolled in or preparing to begin an accredited collegiate or vocational program. Financial assistance of $1,000 USD will be awarded to one student diagnosed with cystinosis and $1,000 USD to a student with a sibling diagnosed with cystinosis. To apply online, please complete the form below. We are excited to announce a third scholarship available starting in 2019: The Deanna Lynn Potts Scholarship. It will also reward one student living with cystinosis $1,000 USD. For more information, click on the links below or contact Gail Potts at

Annual scholarship deadline is August 1. At this time we are not accepting applications; please check back in the spring and thank you for your interest.

Additional scholarship opportunities offered outside of CRN:

Congratulations to our 2022 scholarship awardees: Farah Naomi (CRN Scholarship for an Individual with Cystinosis), Jordan Sexstone (Sierra Woodward Sibling Scholarship) and Corbin Rico (Deanna Lynn Potts Scholarship).

*Mobile users, please scroll table left to see additional recipients. 

Individual Living with Cystinosis Awardee(s)Sierra Woodward Sibling Awardee(s) Deanna Lynn Potts Awardee(s)
2022Farah NaimiJordan SexstoneCorbin Rico
2021Heidi HughesMason Stilke
Kacy Wyman
2020Victor GardnerKole Binger, India Gardner, Sara RobertsMason Reed
Hannah Creel
2019Gracie SmithTaylee JulianChristina Morris
2018Jack Kitchens
Kathleen Roberts
Emily Ann Bogan
Rhyana Juutilainen
2017Emily PattersonTyler Morrill
2016Shea Hammond
William Patterson
Alex Greeley
2015Garrett ThomasKasey Hohl
2014Caroline Larimore
Jack Wyman
Gabriel Stephenson
2013Elizabeth PattersonKole BingerLee Kraus
2012Devin AdorjanMatthew Ahnen
2011Katie Ahnen
Mikaela Gard
Weston Tschannen
William TschannenMikaela Gard
2010 Nikolaus Gard
Laurin Friend
Ellen Rorman
David Reutter
2009Shannon KeizerAnnie Kwakkel
2008Ashley Shaw
2007Steve SchleuderAllison Tschannen
Kelly McCalla
2006 Kelly BryantKelly Bryant
2005 Tahnie Woodward
Allison Abedini
Rebekah Palmer