Each Year is a Gift by Jenn Loglisci

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I do not have one story or just one person I can point out as a #GreatGiver. I am now 34-years-old and every year is a gift given to me. Everyone I surround myself with has given me a reason to push forward and not let cystinosis take over my life. My family, friends, professors, and doctors have all been a great gift to me and contribute to my continued learning. Solo, I do struggle with something cystinosis related every day but I push through it because I know I am also a gift to the younger children with hope of growing up and living a life worth fighting for.

Giving Tuesday is a way to provide a better chance for our quality of life in the future.

Learn more about the “Great Givers” campaign. You can also donate towards research for improved cystinosis treatments and, ultimately, a cure here.