ISO a Hero on National Donor Day

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By Julie Ayres, mom to Sierra

Sierra is approaching a rather yucky milestone—one year on peritoneal kidney dialysis.

We love dialysis because it keeps Sierra alive, but life on dialysis is rough and Sierra feels pretty tired and sick most all the time.

Today, we were notified Sierra is now on both regional and national transplant lists because she’s such a tough person to match (because of prior transplants and blood transfusions, etc.). We also were told she’s been placed on Johns Hopkins Go List, meaning they will take a look at her to see if she can match with any kidney they get from this point forward.

Let’s make Sierra’s impossible match status into something possible! Gotta spare you could share? Know someone who is interested in being a hero? Call or email using the info below to explore the possibility of being a kidney donor for Sierra.

Ph: (410) 502-0954

First 100 callers will receive the undying gratitude of my family plus the knowledge they tried to save someone’s life. If you are lucky enough to actually be Sierra’s kidney donor, you’ll also receive free non-slip hospital socks, a flimsy toothbrush, smaller than travel size toothpaste, and a scar that is brag-worthy. These free gifts are one size fits all and non-returnable.

Wishing you all peace and happiness and the best of health.