Over $40k in Cystinosis Scholarships Awarded

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This summer we reached a milestone – over $40,000 in scholarships awarded since our program’s inception. Congratulations to the 2021 recipients; Heidi Hughes, Mason Stilke and Kacy Wyman. You can learn more about the annual funding, application deadlines and past winners here.

Heidi Hughes – CRN Individual with Cystinosis Scholarship Awardee

As the name implies, this award provides assistance to a student diagnosed with cystinosis who is enrolling in a regionally accredited college or vocational program, or who is currently attending a post-secondary school.

Heidi provided some insight on her decision to go back to school, “I have found a desire to continue my education at Colorado State University to pursue a graduate certificate in Horticulture and Human Health. I believe that furthering my education will arm me with the ability to expand my knowledge of plants and their ability to heal. My goal is to learn how to use this knowledge to influence, educate, and improve the health of my family, friends, and fellow rare disease warriors with the inclusion of more natural and plant based diets. With the CRN scholarship, I will use my education to enrich and support the lives of this community.”

Thank you, Heidi, and best of luck pursuing your passion!

Mason Stilke and Kacy Wyman – Deanna Lynn Potts Scholarship Awardees

Deanna Lynn was born with cystinosis and lived to be 27-years-old. Before passing, she expressed a desire to start a scholarship fund for others living with cystinosis. Her mother, Gail Potts, fulfilled that wish by creating the Deanna Lynn Potts Scholarship. To qualify, each candidate must be a current high school senior or high school graduate, who has had to postpone higher education, and has cystinosis. This year we had the pleasure of providing assistance to two young students; Mason Stilke and Kacy Wyman.

Mason began his college career this fall at the Milwaukee School of Engineering and says, “Ever since 8th grade I have had a goal of becoming a software engineer. Because of this, all throughout high school I have been taking steps to achieve said goal…This scholarship would help me be able to go to my preferred college so I can reach my goal of becoming a computer software developer.”

Our second recipient, Kacy Wyman, was accepted to Grand Valley State University with aspirations of becoming a nurse. “The challenges I have faced in the past do not define who I am, which means I can deal with anything that will come in the future. I am very confident in myself that I will meet whatever physical and educational challenges that come to me.” – Kacy

CRN Sierra Woodward Sibling Scholarship

This scholarship fund provides supplemental financial assistance to a student who has a sibling with cystinosis who is enrolling in a regionally accredited college or vocational program, or who is currently attending a post-secondary school. In 2021, we did not have any applicants for this award. 

Congratulations to Heidi, Mason and Kacy and thank you to all who took the time to apply. Keep an eye out for ongoing financial support and resources here.