Grants Awarded

The Cystinosis Research Network’s vision is the discovery of improved treatments and ultimately a cure for cystinosis.

The Cystinosis Research Network utilizes a Scientific Review Board comprised of leading experts on the disease of cystinosis which reviews grant proposals and submits funding recommendations to the Cystinosis Research Network More specifically, the Scientific Review Board provides independent, objective review and recommendations regarding each research proposal utilizing grant review guidelines established by the Cystinosis Research Network and in accordance with the mission of the organization.

Priority is given to interventional research, both clinical and basic, that will lead to improved treatments for cystinosis. New investigators are particularly encouraged to apply. The Chairperson of the Scientific Review Board summarizes its recommendations and presents them to the Cystinosis Research Network which then votes on each proposed project.

A major focus of the Cystinosis Research Network continues to be a determined effort to secure a promising future for the cystinosis community through the support and funding of research grants that lead to improved treatments and ultimately a cure for cystinosis. CRN has a current research commitment of over $300,000.00 and has funded nearly $4 million total in research grants and fellowships. CRN funds a Cystinosis fellowship at the National Institutes of Health. CRN has funded research and education programs in the United States and many countries around the world including Egypt, Mexico, England, Scotland, Italy, Belgium, France, and much more. CRN research topics are aimed at every aspect of cystinosis with the purpose of understanding cystinosis and finding improved treatments and a cure. Topics include research and therapies related to neurological, genetic, ophthalmological, gastrointestinal, muscular, nephrology, pulmonary, skin, improved medications, psychological and much more.



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CRN Funds 3 New Research Projects

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CRN Grants $250,000 In New Research Funding


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