Shortage Impacting WBC Testing Kits

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An announcement from Horizon Therapeutics:

With the growing dry ice shortage there has been an increased demand for NanoCool technology to support COVID-19 vaccine research. This is the technology used with the WBC testing kits. We/Horizon is in constant contact with NanoCool and the partner who builds the WBC testing kits and we have recently been informed that the NanoCool supply will be limited during the first three months of 2021 as the company increases manufacturing to meet the increased demand. To ensure families are able to receive a kit as they become available, we encourage them to talk with their doctor (requests must continue to come through a physician’s office).

In addition, we/Horizon worked with UCSD and if the Horizon requisition form is included in non-Horizon sponsored kits we/Horizon will cover the cost of the testing fees at UCSD. The link to the UCSD alternative shipping method can be found here.