Adult Leadership
Advisory Board

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The Adult Leadership Advisory Board (ALAB) is a group comprised entirely of adults living with cystinosis.

ALAB’s mission: To share stories and strength to educate, motivate and empower the entire cystinosis community. Through partnerships with the CRN and other organizations, ALAB focuses on issues and challenges through developing programs, opportunities and mentorship. 

Current initiatives include:

  • Pet Bandana Fundraiser. Support ALAB programming while pampering your pet. For a limited time, purchase a custom designed bandana as a gift for your furry companion. Details here.
  • CystinosisTEENS. A private Instagram account dedicated to supporting teens living with cystinosis.
  • Cystinosis Rare: A Journey Into the Unknown. A podcast series covering topics impacting our adults with cystinosis and the overall community. Subscribe to the CRN YouTube channel to receive a video upload alert. To date, subject matters have included; coping mechanisms, success stories, loss and grief, transition, bullying, pandemic stress/anxiety and COVID-19 vaccines.
  • Cystinosis Sessions. Live, face-to-face (video) conversations with cystinosis stakeholders. Sessions are led by adults with cystinosis but all are invited to participate. Topics have included: COVID-19, Medication, Independence, Education, Employment, Overcoming Limitations & Goal Setting, Mental Health, Exercise, and more. Visit our Events Calendar to learn more about upcoming Cystinosis Sessions.
  • Cystinosis Memorial Fund. Apply for financial support to cover technology, career and tutoring/educational needs. Open to teens and adults living with cystinosis.
  • ALAB 2021 Newsletter. Focused on the healing powers of pets, members from ALAB share experiences with their furry friends. Read more here.


We’d love to have you join our team! Apply now to become a member of ALAB here.

**Your Feedback is Welcomed**

If you participate/attend any ALAB initiatives, please take a moment to provide your feedback through this survey. This is a great way for our team to understand what is working and what needs improvement.

In July 2020, ALAB gave the keynote address for the 6th Annual Dublin Cystinosis Workshop – the only scientific workshop focused on cystinosis in Europe. See and hear from Cheryl Simoens and Karen Gledhill via YouTube (introduction by Maya Doyle, MSW, PhD, LCSW).

'I try not to look at times of struggle or adversity as a negative...adversities in life are opportunities that can create fighters, instill resiliency, and breed an increased level of self-reflection.'

-Cheryl, living with cystinosis

Karen Gledhill, New York, USA
Katie Morrison
Tennessee, USA
Gracie Smith
Atlanta, Georgia
Briana Kaye Dundon
Kansas, USA
Christina Morris
South Carolina, USA
Brian Ensor
Indiana, USA
Jana Healy
Minnesota, USA
Sara Healy
Minnesota, USA
Laura McGinnis *Legacy Member*
Tennessee, USA
Steve Schleuder
Michigan, USA