Update: AVROBIO & COVID-19

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A letter from Fernanda Copeland, Executive Director, Head Patient Advocacy & Engagement at AVROBIO
March 24, 2020

We hope you, your families, and your community remain safe and well as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold. The health and safety of our patient communities and employees is our highest priority.

Given the healthcare resources required to manage COVID-19, a number of clinical trial sites worldwide have temporarily postponed elective procedures, including clinical trial activities. While we remain committed to moving our clinical programs forward, AVROBIO supports this temporary reallocation of resources to ensure hospitals can focus on meeting the needs of patients with COVID-19. We are monitoring the situation closely and are working to develop contingencies, such as virtual monitoring, for ongoing trial participation. We will also continue to identify interested and potentially eligible patients via remote screening so sites can resume in-person screening and enrollment as soon as it is appropriate.

The AVROBIO advocacy team is available for phone calls or videoconferencing at any time. We will continue to keep you informed of our progress and any changes. Please let us know if you have any questions fernanda.copeland@avrobio.com.